Lemon Curd

Of the many uses of lemon, lemon curd is one of my favourites, So smooth and glossy, and yet so tart. And to top it all off – lemon curd is useable in more situations than I could mention. At the moment a particular favourite of mine is to slather it on a nice piece of toast in the morning!

Serves: Makes about 2 cups
Cooking Time: Preparation 5 minutes, cook 25-35 minutes


+ 1  cup caster sugar
+ 3 whole eggs
+ 2 egg yolks
+ 170g unsalted butter
+ Juice and rind of two large lemons


To prepare, place a small saucepan with water on the stove and bring to a gentle simmer. Place the eggs, and egg yolks in a metal or glass mixing bowl that will fit over the saucepan without touching the water below. Beat the eggs well to combine. Add the remaining ingredients to the mixing bowl and place over the saucepan.

Watch, and wait patiently, mixing the lemon curd with a wooden spoon. Resist the temptation to boil the water – lest you scramble the eggs. After approximately 25 minutes, the mixture should have thickened enough that it will coat the back of a wooden spoon.

Allow to cool and before storing in the fridge in sterilised jars. Will keep for up to a month.

Original recipe sourced from the  Family Archives.

Any thoughts?

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