Essentials 01 / Original

I am often asked what it is that I use, and what it is that I most miss when I am away from my kitchen. After recently being away from my kitchen for 8 weeks, I feel I have developed a certain level of clarity as to what I missed the most. Ergo, I thought it might be fun to take a peek into my kitchen and see what these goodies are. A disclaimer – this pretty collage is made up of professional images of all the items, because, well, my real kitchen gear is pretty much in a constant state of use and is less shiny/covered in flour.

  1. A good mixing machine – my personal favourite has always been the Kenwood;
  2. A set of electronic kitchen scales, that allow you to use British recipes without doing the maths in your head;
  3. One of these new, fandangled juicing devices;
  4. A banneton to hold, and mold my bread;
  5. A thick bottomed cast iron pot,
  6. A well seasoned cast iron skillet that makes such delightful markings on my foods,
  7. Numerous wooden chopping boards – they are just that much better than plastic, and exponentially nicer to chop on than glass boards;
  8. A stick blender – so as to allow you to transform your rustic cooking to smooth perfection;
  9. Numerous wooden spoons – one can never have enough wooden spoons;
  10. A wine decanter. It just makes things fun, and adds at least $10 of value to your bottle;
  11. A Microplane to bring to an end the need to finely chop all that garlic, and
  12. Lastly, some good quality, super sharp knives.

Any thoughts?

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