Anita’s Spinach Pie

Spinach pie has always been a favourite in our house. I have tried many versions, but this one I am confident to say will work every time! All versions of spinach pie taste amazing, but not all of them look this great.

Serves: 8
Cooking Time: Approximately 20 minutes for preparation, and 30 minutes for cooking.


+ 3 sheets of puff pastry (or if you are feeling up to it, half a packet filo pastry)
+ 2 large bunch spinach
+ 1 onion, roughly diced
+ 1 clove of garlic, grated
+ 5 eggs, lightly beaten
+ 1 small bunch of basil/mint (optional)
+ 250 g ricotta
+ 125 g feta, crumbled
+ 2 tbs finely grated parmesan cheese
+ 1 tsp oregano (dried or fresh)
+ 1/2 tsp grated or powdered nutmeg
+ 1/2 cup pine nuts or walnuts (optional)
+ Canola spray, or something to grease the pie dish with
+ 1 egg mixed with a 1 tablespoon of milk for an egg wash to put on the pastry
+ Poppy or sesame seeds (optional)


Preheat oven to 180ºC. Remove your pastry from the freezer, and lay out on bench to thaw. Place a slightly damp tea towel on top, to avoid your pastry drying out.

To prepare the spinach, remove the stalks, roughly chop before placing in a large fry pan. Add a quarter of a cup of water, and cover with a lid that is slightly smaller than your fry pan. Once the spinach has wilted down, remove from the pan and drain of excess liquid by using a sieve and pushing down on the spinach.

In the same pan, sweat down your onions and garlic. Allow these to cool once translucent.

In a large bowl mix together the eggs, basil/mint, ricotta, feta, parmesan cheese, walnuts/pine nuts and nutmeg. Add drained spinach, and the cooked onion and garlic.

To prepare your pie dish, place two sheet of pastry in the bottom of your dish after greasing it. Once you have fitted your pastry to the sides, prick the bottom of the dish with a fork. Add in your pie filling, and cover with the remaining piece of pastry. Using your egg wash, stick the sides of the pastry together. If there are any excess bits hanging over the side, you can curl them up into a crust. Brush the top of the pie with the remaining egg wash and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds.

Bake for about 30 minutes until golden brown on top. Allow to cool before serving.

Original recipe sourced from the Family Archives.

2 thoughts on “Anita’s Spinach Pie

  1. I made this today for our staff ‘Picnic’, surprisingly by the time I arrived at the staffroom it was all gone – only the crumbs were left. Its worth it so give it a go.

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