Breakfast Oats

Breakfast oats, or porridge, is one of those things that I will miss about winter. To be sure, muesli is great, but a nice bowl of warm oats really sets you in good stead for the day to come. As a morning person, I make these any day of the week. But if cooked weekday breakfasts are not for you – then I recommend them for the weekend too.

Serves: As many as you want it to.
Cooking Time: Preparation 2 minutes, cook 3-5 minutes


For the oats themselves:
+ Rolled oats (around 3/4 cup per person)
+ Sprinkle of grated nutmeg
+ Sprinkle of ground cinnamon
+ Around a teaspoon of brown sugar for each person
+ Enough milk to cover your oats by at least 2 cm

To serve:
+ A spoonful of yoghurt (I prefer Greek) or a dash of milk
+ Any additional brown sugar/honey/golden syrup you may desire
+ Plus some sort of fruit if you have any around. Bananas and pears are great, as well as any fresh or frozen berries. 


Place all oats ingredients in a small saucepan, over a high heat. Bring to a temperature where it is bubbling, stirring most of the time. If you want your oats to be fast oats, then leave at a higher temperature and stir vigilantly. If you have the time, turn to a lower temperature and wait for the oats to thicken until holding together on the back of your wooden spoon. 

Pour you oats into a bowl, and serve with either a dollop of yogurt, or milk to thin the mixture a little. Add any extra fruity/sweet additions and away you go.

Original recipe sourced from the Family Archives.

Any thoughts?

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