Chocolate Mousse – the Traditional Way


Chocolate Mousse is, and will always be, an enduring favourite in our family home. So much so, that we now we forgo the small and dainty servings, and serve it in a salad bowl or two. Here are two recipes, the more traditional family favourite and also a DAIRY-FREE chocolate mousse alternative, which is equally as good!

Serves: 4 medium sized ramekins
Cooking Time: Approximately half an hour preparation, and at least 5 hours in the fridge (or until firm)


+ 125 g dark chocolate
+ 4 eggs
+ 1 1/4 cups thickened cream
+ 1 tablespoon of brandy


Separate the eggs, place the egg whites in a larger bowl and the yolks in a smaller one. Chop the chocolate and place in a medium bowl, over a pot of boiling water on medium heat (otherwise known as a double saucepan) until melted. Remove and allow to cool a little, while you whip the egg whites with a small hand held mixer until they are just beginning to hold their form. Once you have completed the egg whites, in another large bowl whip your cream.

Add your egg yolks, one at at time to the cooled chocolate mixture, mixing until smooth and thick. Add your chocolate mixture to the cream and brandy, folding to combine. Finally, fold in the softly beaten egg whites.

Spoon into your desired serving dishes, before refrigerating until set  which should be a minimum of around 5 hours, or around 24 hours if you are using a salad bowl. On the salad bowl note, you will need to double the mixture quantity in order to fill the vessel.

If you are not consuming within 48 hours, be sure to cover the tops of your serving dishes with cling wrap, to ensure the top of the mousse does not dry out.

Original recipe sourced from the family archives.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Mousse – the Traditional Way

  1. I’m thinking it may be a lovely dessert to take around to friends tomorrow night but I feel that restraint in the serving size may be necessary.

Any thoughts?

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