Rocky Road


I know this blog is called the Patient Cook, but there are times when patience runs short. For times such as these, there is always the Rocky Road. Astonishingly simple, and many times better than the supermarket variety this Rocky Road is sure to make your day. Now, I am not a huge fan of nuts so I leave them out but by all means feel free to personalise your version as you wish!

Serves: Changes with each making, and portion division.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes, and then at least 2 hours in the fridge


+ 2 blocks of dark, or milk chocolate
+ 1 bag of marshmallows
+ 1 bag of raspberries (the soft chewy candy variety)


Chop all of your marshmallows in half, and do the same with the raspberries. Place in a medium-large mixing bowl.Line a cookie tray with baking paper.

Melt your chocolate in a heatproof bowl over the top of boiling water until melted. Add to the bowl with the marshmallows and raspberries. Mix well, ensuring an even coating of chocolate. Scoop the mixture out onto the baking paper and make it slightly even.

Refrigerate until set, before chopping into desired portion sizes.

Original recipe sourced from the family archives.

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