Essentials 02 / Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and with it a cravings for BBQs and new seasonal foods. Here is a list of what I will be using most during this sunny summer season.

  1. A Dutch pancake (or Poffortjes) pan – these are so small and are guaranteed to delight;
  2. And, for those who can still fit in more – there is the crèpe pan;
  3. A blow torch, whether it be to remove the skin from my capsicum or make a sneaky crème brûlée;
  4. Some ramekins for the aforementioned crème brûlée, or for some lovely home made dips;
  5. An ice cream machine to get you through the warm days,
  6. A pair of reliable salad servers,
  7. A pizza stone – the purpose of which is more than self explanatory;
  8. A BBQ – I have the Weber Mini and it is cute and functional;
  9. Salad bowls galore – you need one for the healthy salad, and one for the potato salad;
  10. A market style picnic bag to take to the park, or the beach;
  11. A mini Esky for two to keep the important things cool, and
  12. Lastly, a glass jug or pitcher to fill with a variety of refreshing cold beverages in the coming months.

A disclaimer – this pretty collage is made up of professional images of all the items, because, well, my real kitchen gear is pretty much in a constant state of use and is less shiny/covered in flour.

Any thoughts?

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