Rockmelon and Prosciutto Nibblies

Summer has arrived like a slap in the face here in Australia. Let this nibbly be your refuge, let it rejuvenate and refresh you in the afternoon after a long hot day. There is no cooking, only rolling and the teensiest amount of chopping before you can sink your teeth into this delicious flavour combination.

Serves: Makes as nibblies as rockmelon portions cut
Cooking Time: preparation 5 minutes


+ Rockmelon
+ Proscuitto, thinly sliced and the best quality you can get your hands on
+ Toothpicks


Remove the skin and seeds from your rockmelon. Chop into mouth sized portions. Split your proscuitto up in long thin strips, approximately as wide as your rockmelon pieces.

Wrap each portion of rockmelon is a strip of proscuitto, like it is a blanket. Place a toothpick through it all to secure and hold in place. And voila, you are done!

Original recipe sourced from the Family Archives.

Any thoughts?

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