Essentials 04 / Winter

Winter is well in truly here in Canberra. Here is a list that combines what I already have, and what I want to make it through the deep freeze.

  1. A thick bottomed cast iron pot, or Dutch oven so you can cook for hours;
  2. A travel flask so you can take your tea or coffee with you while in transit to and from work,
  3. A good sized pestle and mortar – for all the warming curries you will crave;
  4. A tea pot in which to brew your tea,
  5. An old fashioned pie dish, nothing says winter more to me than a warm sweet pie;
  6. A good potato masher – we all know that mash is a most appropriate side and substitute for vegetables in winter;
  7. A pressure cooker, I don’t have one yet but I am assured by all who have these modern versions that the danger is minimal and the results exceptional;
  8. A thermos, so you can continue to picnic in the winter sunshine;
  9. A pudding steamer – I have not had steam golden syrup pudding in too long so this is on the list to acquire ASAP;
  10. A thermo pot or the like, to keep your lunches warm if you can’t access a microwave, and 
  11. A fondue set! Another one I don’t have, but if you know someone with one then this is the season for it!

A disclaimer – this pretty collage is made up of professional images of all the items, because, well, my real kitchen gear is pretty much in a constant state of use and is less shiny/covered in flour.

Any thoughts?

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