Top Ten 03 / 2015

TWENTY FIFTEEN. Woah. All the cliches are true. It has gone fast, maybe because so much was crammed into it. Together with Mr P. Cook we have raised a one year old, and moved half way around the world from Australia to Tokyo. Ergo, the posts have been few and far between.

What you have consumed most in 2015 seems,  from my non-professional point of view, to be a balanced diet of sweet and savoury. See below for the complete list of your top ten.

If you follow along on instagram/have ever visited Japan – you will know that food continues to be consumed and blog posts are planned for the new year. I have in these dying hours of 2015 discovered a recipe for kamo nanban (duck and leek) soba. Assuredly, 2016 is going to be a year to remember.

YOUR FAVOURITES: 1. Macarons | 2. Non-Authentic Butter Chicken | 3. Parmesan Cookies with Basil Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes | 4. Pepermint Creams | 5. Blood Plum and Kaffir Lime Jam | 6. Hot Cross Buns | 7. Strawberry, Pepper and Thyme Cordial | 8. John’s Mussels in White Wine and Tomato Sauce | 9. Red Curry | 10. Mini Raspberry and Chocolate Meringue Kisses

Any thoughts?

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